Devon League Rules 2018

In addition to the National/International Petanque rules there exists a set of Devon League rules. These can be viewed by going to the Links section of our website and then click on the link to the the Devon Petanque Association.

Once on this website select Documents from the headings (far right) and then select Devon League Rules 2018

Happy reading!

National Rules of Petanque

New rules came into effect as from the beginning of 2017 and these can be viewed by going to the Links section of our website and click on the link to the the English Petanque Association. Once on this site, look in the left hand column and click on Information. This takes you to the Information documents where you then need to scroll down until you see Rules of Petanque (in a light blue bubble) and click on the Rules of Petanque. The rules will open in a new window. 

2018 Devon Events calendar

This is available to view now These can be viewed by going to the Links section of our website and then click on the link to the the Devon Petanque Association.Once on this website select Calendar  from the headings.

ISCA Petanque Club - Membership fees.

The fees for membership are now due to be paid and at the AGM it was agreed that these would remain at £10-00. This is excellent value for money for 12 months / 52 weeks/ 365 days playing possibilities!

Fees are due by 1st March 2018 and should be paid to Rob Brealey, the Club secretary.

 1 January 2018 - Petanque England membership

The new membership year for Petanque England (previously English Petanque Assocition EPA) begins on 1st January each year and, if you haven't already done so, you can renew your membership on line as follows:  (the fee this year is £25, comprising the Petanque England fee of £20 and the Devon regional precept of £5).
Through the EPA website
From the list on the left click "Membership"
On the next page click the blue button "On line Membership"
On the next page, underneath the logo at the top, for current members click "Log In".  (New members should click "New Registration" and enter their details following the prompts).Enter your user name and password and then complete the renewal following the prompts.  

Our most recent December 2017 Newsletter

As another calendar year end approaches and the dark cold nights seem to go on forever some crazy people are still playing petanque with various ingenious methods of keeping warm. I’m not sure about the legality of boiling your boules prior to playing or thermostatically enhancing their molecular structure by heat transference but if it means that you can keep on playing then why not. I’m sure there will be a section on this somewhere in the copious notes recently circulated from the EPA but I think that at present they have other things on their minds to worry about other than adulteration of boules!

Reflecting back on the last couple of months then our “Thanks” must go to John Thatcher for his previous sterling work as President of the Devon Petanque Region. Hand in hand with this must go our welcome to the new El Presidente. This is not the pop rock band from Glasgow formed in 2002 but Ged Barton from somewhere North in Devon. Thank you Ged for picking up the mantle from John as Elisha did for Elijah.

Turning now to other matters and the thought of a Christmas Stocking filler then  I can recommend a good read “Beating the French at Petanque” written by Clive Essame. It takes you through a joyful ride through France to the sunny south west department of Lot-et-Garonne where wine, cheese and good living, along with the game of petanque, are an essential part of life. 

It follows Clive and his long suffering wife's adventures as they discover if they can bear to cut all their ties in the UK and live together in France. Clive wastes as much time as he can discovering if he can beat the French at the game that is in their very DNA, while Barbara soaks up the sun and samples the local vin de table. It also serves as a useful reminder of some rules of Petanque. Generously sprinkled with characters from different parts of the EU 'Beating the French at Petanque' is the first book by Clive recounting his adventures in France. It is available in various formats from various outlets. No commission is being received in case you were wondering and other books are available no doubt!

Sadly Clive lost his battle with cancer in November but this e-book will stand as his legacy.

And finally
– sometimes you just can’t make it up! You finish one end of a game put the scores up and then throw the jack/coche/but/cochonnet to start the other end.But what if when you go to take your first throw you find the jack still in your hand and your boule sitting where the jack should be? Still trying to find a rule to sort that one out!!


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